Feeding Programs Children Feeding Programs: El Salvador has a large percentage of the population that is under-nourished. The largest portion is children. Thus, Compassion Ministries provides feeding programs to improve the diet of these malnourished young people. Compassion Ministries provides beans, rice, tortillas and a drink to those in need. With the cooperation of our
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Last Harvest Master’s Commission All across the world preparation for war has begun. The Lord is raising up an army of Guerreros de Fuego, or Warriors of Fire; they are filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and ready to give their lives for the cause of Christ. Their motto is “Vida por Vida,”
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Castle Club is a very unique 7 level discipleship program through which children from 9-12 years old learn 7 basic doctrines found in the Bible as taught by the Assemblies of God. They also learn how to be servants and, as part of the curriculum, must do good works in the home, the community, the
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Method Of Ministry The ministries of King’s Castle are indeed diverse, as we strive to respond to wide range of the physical and spiritual needs of the people of El Salvador and Nicaragua, but our principal method of minisry has always been through the avenues of drama and “spectacle evangelism”. When our evangelism teams invade the streets, they are
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General Information

Understanding El Salvador El Salvador is a small country on the Pacific side of Central America. El Salvador experiences two seasons. Dry season, which is from May to September and wet season which is from October to April. Spanish is the spoken language. There are about 7 million people, and the vast majority is Catholic.
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Health and Safety

Traveling and working in another country can take a toll on the health of your team. The team will be eager to work hard and experience new things. The team needs to be careful that their enthusiasm does not set them up for sickness if they do not pace themselves and listen to their body.
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Cultural Information

Perhaps the most important thing to realize as a team in El Salvador is that you are guests in a foreign country. You are the ones who do things that seem quite different. In fact, many things that are thought innocent or normal at home could be offensive here and may hinder people from hearing
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