June 1, 2017

About Us

 Castle Travel Founder 

Joseph Newell

I am Joseph Newell founder of Castle Travel and am also a Global Volunteer with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada. My goal with Castle Travel is to Bridge Travel and Missions. Your business support allows me to be a missionary, in addition to traditional itinerating. I hope to work with all teams travelling around the world regarding their travel arrangements

With over thirty years in the travel industry, my goal is to help provide competitive pricing, with convenient flight times. Bridging Travel and Missions.

Whether your team travels to Latin America or any other part of the world I’d be happy to work with you.

On another travel related note, you and or your congregation could help us by allowing us to use your air mile points, this would help missionaries travel to and from our home counties, furthermore the miles can be used to send our students out into the field. Hope to hear from you soon!


Castle Travel

Managing Director



C-613 340 7718

e- jnewell@castletravel.ca


Skype(USA)-315 370 4775

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