June 1, 2017

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Kings Castle Ministries

The Boy That Changed My Life

My Name is Joseph Newell, I am a Global Volunteer with the Pentecostals Assemblies of Canada. I had the honour and privilege of serving in El Salvador from 2009 until 2011. Since then I have been commuting. I work with Scott and Melissa Williams in El Salvador, the National Church and Castillo del Rey, or King’s Castle. This ministry is designed to target the children and youth in many countries around the world. Our roles have many facets for instance, inviting, hosting, training and leading short term missions teams who come to Kings Castle. The ministry is actively engaged in discipleship of all ages. For the older teens this includes teaching and leadership development as part of the Master’s Commission Program. I am supporting the ministries in many of these programs. One current area that needs attention is my fundraising. I need your financial support to be able to maintain my work in all these critical programs and future programs. Your donations are truly and sincerely appreciated. Your gift of financial assistance helps me to fulfill the work God has placed in my heart. Bless you, Joe. Please click my name, you will be directed to my donation pageJoseph Newell

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