June 9, 2017



Elly, Shelby, Zoe & Joseph

Elly, Shelby, Zoe & Joseph

My Name is Joseph Newell, I am a Global Volunteer with the Pentecostals Assemblies of Canada. I had the honour and privilege of serving in El Salvador from 2009 until 2011. Since then I have been commuting. I work with Scott and Melissa Williams in El Salvador, the National Church and Castillo del Rey, or King’s Castle. This ministry is designed to target the children and youth in many countries around the world. Our roles have many facets for instance, inviting, hosting, training and leading short term missions teams who come to Kings Castle. The ministry is actively engaged in discipleship of all ages. For the older teens this includes teaching and leadership development as part of the Master’s Commission Program. I am supporting the ministries in many of these programs. One current area that needs attention is my fundraising. I need your support to be able to maintain my work in all these critical programs and future programs. On top of my fund raising, I hope to work with all teams travelling around the world regarding their travel arrangements, this will help my funding in a great way. With over thirty years in the travel industry, my goal is to help provide competitive prices, with convenient flight times. Bridging Travel and Missions. Your donations are truly and sincerely appreciated. Your gift of financial assistance helps me to fulfill the work God has placed on my heart. Bless you, Joe. Donations are sincerely appreciated, Please click my name, you will be directed to my donation page.

Joseph Newell

Scott Sophia Melissa & Hudson

Scott, Melissa, Sophia and Hudson are helping co-lead an international children’s ministry called King’s Castle. Having seen children walking in the power of the Holy Spirit, they help reach, disciple and send out children and youth to the nation. Having grown to 27 nations and still expanding King’s Castle is seeing God do incredible things through the children. They are now expanding the ministry to include King’s Castles Department of Economics & Practical Business Training. The objective of this initiative is to build a strong foundation of knowledge while developing practical employable skills through a variety of hands-on learning experiences including: customer service, inventory control, market research, new product development, budgeting, employee management, proper food handling and preparation.

Please visit Scott & Melissa Williams Missionaries to El Salvador


Don and Terri Triplett

Founded in 1989, King’s Castle Ministries purposed to raise up an army of young, Spiritfilled warriors who would invade Latin America with the simple message that ‘Jesus saves and is coming soon. Today that vision has expanded to dozens of countries  throughout the world. In El Salvador and Nicaragua, the countries to which my wife Terri and I are appointed, we are witness to a mighty move of God as He pours out His Spirit to anoint this generation who will usher in the return of His son, Jesus Christ. Working hand-in-hand with the local church, thousands of young men and women are giving their lives for the cause of global evangelism in the various aspects of the ministry.

Please visit Terri & Don Triplett Missionaries to El Salvador



Andre, Sofia, Kim, Caleb, Emma & Steve Sobey

Steve and Kim Sobey have served as the National Directors for King’s Castle Ministries in Nicaragua since 2009. Their goal is reach every child in Nicaragua with the Gospel by raising up an army of young, Spirit­-filled warriors who will boldly declare that “Jesus saves and is coming soon.” Under the Sobeys’ leadership, the ministry in Nicaragua has grown to over 160 local teams consisting of over 4,000 volunteers. These teams are reaching their communities on a regular basis. Each year, they collectively reach hundreds of thousands of children. King’s Castle has also developed powerful programs to disciple children through the local Assemblies of churches. Steve has recently been elected as President of the International Association of King’s Castle Ministries. There are currently 30 countries across Latin America and the world where King’s Castle is making an impact. The goal is to expand to 120 nations over the next 7 years.

Steve has been immersed in ministry to children and youth since earning his degree in Children’s Ministries from Central Bible College in 2002. Before becoming a missionary, he had gained invaluable experience as children’s pastor, camp speaker, evangelist, and leader of national children’s programs.

Kim grew up on the mission field working alongside her parents, Don and Terri Triplett, in El Salvador. She has been involved in ministry ever since she was a child. Her formative years were spent in active evangelism and discipleship with King’s Castle ministries. After high school, Kim joined Master’s Commission at First Assembly in Phoenix, Arizona. She later attended Central Bible College and Evangel University, earning degrees in Bible and Communication.

Please visit Kim and Steve Sobey Missionaries to Nicaragua



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