June 9, 2017


Packing List

We recommend one medium-sized suitcase, a carry-on, a sleeping bag and pillow

  • Passport
  • Money – visa, snacks, etc.
  • Pen
  • Extra set of clothes in case luggage is delayed
  • Suitcase: (remember – light enough to carry it yourself!!)
  • Men are to wear pants. Jeans are fine, and please bring one pair of regular pants
  • T-shirts are recommended
  • Girls can bring pants for our team areas, but for ministry times knee length ( at the knee or below) skirts are needed.
  • Walking shoes
  • Jacket or sweater
  • Shorts and casual clothes (free time)
  • Construction clothes (shorts are okay, but pants are recommended)
  • Modest (one-piece, girls) swimsuit. With cover-up for travel
  • Towel/washcloth
  • Flip-flops/plastic sandals for showers/dorms
  • Personal toiletries
  • Personal bedding (sleeping bag)
  • Something to carry money securely close to your body
  • 1 can of powdered gater-aid (or equivalent) per person
  • Sunscreen
  • Spanish dictionary
  • Travel alarm clock
  • Wet wipes
  • Aspirin/Tylenol
  • Hat/sunglasses
  • Flashlight
  • Hand mirror
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Insect repellant
  • Flashlight
  • Reusable water bottle

 El Salvador Airport Instructions

Other Countries Available By Request

On the final flight into San Salvador, the flight attendants will give each traveler a blue and white customs (aduana) form. Only one form is needed per family group. It will ask name, birth date, and passport information. Then there are a series of questions about what you are bringing in. They are asking you about things that you are importing for sale, or new goods on which no import duty has been paid. Each traveler can bring up to $1,000 in new goods, so there should be no problem. No traveler has to declare his personal clothing or belongings.

The next section asks about fresh fruits, vegetables and meats. In that section, you check “NO” for all questions. This form will be taken from you as you EXIT the airport.

Each traveler will also receive an Immigration form. Sometimes this form will be given to travelers in the plane before landing, or in line at the airport, depending on how they choose to handle it that day.

Upon arrival in San Salvador, de-plane and follow the signs in Spanish and English toward Immigration. That is how the crowd will be moving. Down the stairs or escalators, you will all form one long line and move through the roped walkways. Show your Passports to the attendant in the area who will indicate which line you should enter.

When it is your turn, step up and show your Passport and hand the agent your Immigration form if you have it. If you have not yet received the form, the agent will give you a short application to be completed. It helps to have your own pen, but the agent will loan one to you if necessary. The form costs $10, which is paid to the agent at the desk where it is completed.

The tourist card application asks for name, sex, birth date, and passport information. At the bottom, it asks for foreseen address. It means where you plan to stay in El Salvador. On that space, you can write:

Campamento Internacional de Castillo del Rey A/D
3 y 1/2 Kilómetros de la gasolinera Petrotec calle a los Planes
Lago Coatepeque, Santa Ana, El Salvador

Minor children may be asked for a notarized permission from the parent who is not present. It sometimes is requested, and often is not. It is good for all minors to have a notarized statement giving legal ‘permission to travel’ to the team leader or some other adult who accompanies the team. Both parents must give permission for the minor child to travel. This form was to have been requested BEFORE boarding the initial leg of the journey. The airlines are supposed to request it since the law requires it.

Collect your luggage. You can handle your own luggage if you wish. If you choose to have a sky-cap with the dark vest handle your luggage, be prepared to pay $1/bag to the sky cap if he handles the bag. Or you can now rent the luggage carts for a nominal fee and push it yourself.

If there are delayed pieces, the traveler will need to go to the airline office along the outside wall and complete a claim form. Continental and American will deliver the luggage to our Castle training center at Lago de Coatepeque (Much preferred)

Some airlines require us to go back to the airport to collect the luggage. Be sure to give the claim ticket to your leader so that we can begin the process to receive your luggage. You will also need your passport to claim luggage.

Once all luggage is in hand

Move to the far end of the building (where the crowd is going) and you will stay left in the lines marked “Nothing to Declare.” Here is where you give the customs agent the blue/white form you completed on the airplane. He will indicate a button to push on the traffic-light apparatus. If it turns green, walk through. If it turns red, the agent will indicate the counter behind him for you to open your bags. If you smile and do not act angry, it will take all of 5 seconds. Exit the doors and look for the Castle crew who will be dressed in matching shirts.

All airline employees speak some English. If you get stuck, someone can help you inside the airport. None of our people can enter into the airport from the outside.

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